A M I E  was created with the idea of a modern and personal approach to gifting.  We want to make gifting (and shopping) simple, while keeping it chic + personal.  We bring together carefully chosen gift accessories that are beautifully placed in a simple + pretty gift box. As previous owners of a Boutique, we know what you, our customers love and want to gift your special, most loved ones...and yourselves! Everything is customizable, whether you have a big party, you would like to customize a gift box, or you just want to shop for yourself!

Above all, our main goal is to send BIG SMILES to you and your loved ones!  We HEART smiles!

How did we get our name?  We decided on  A M I E  (Ah-Mee), meaning "friend" in french, and thought it would be perfect + fittingly cute!

Check back often, as we are constantly updating our products!  

Send us a message to hello@shopamie.com           xoxo, A M I E  |  honolulu